Number of Positions: 1

Status: OPEN

Supervisor – Janel Leone
[email protected]

The primary responsibility of the requested Graduate Assistant (GA) is to provide research support to Law and Society faculty at Sage College of Albany. Specific duties may include assisting faculty with database development, data tracking, data collection, and data analysis. This research support will include assistance with both quantitative and qualitative data. Secondary duties may include conducting literature reviews and helping to disseminate research results through peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations. The GA will gain valuable experience on the front lines of high-impact research, and a greater understanding of the research process.

Qualifications include: 1) experience working with SPSS, 2) an understanding of how to conduct a comprehensive literature review, 3) a desire for more research experience, 4) a flexible schedule, 5) an undergraduate degree in psychology or sociology (or at the very least enrollment in a graduate program in psychology or Forensic Mental Health).