The Incubator for New Ventures in Emerging Sciences and Technologies (INVEST) located at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York, is exceptionally well equipped for an incubator/accelerator affiliated with a liberal-arts college. INVEST offers 21 wet-lab workstations suitable for nanotechnology, energy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. A separate wing has offices suites available to users of lab space and flexible for "dry" ventures in IT or other fields and micro-enterprise.

INVEST is directed by Dr. Thomas Keane, who also directs the college's Laboratories for Interdisciplinary Studies in Emerging Sciences. The lab facility of INVEST has a direct connection with the college's science building, making it easily accessible to both faculty and students interested in internships with incubator tenants.

Facilities overview

INVEST, the premier center for innovation and entrepreneurship in New York’s Capital Region and Tech Valley, is comprised of three components – John Paine Lab Facility, Esteves CIE, and ISES.

John Paine Lab Facility

  • 8,801 sq. ft. of combined wet-chemistry lab and office space.

Esteves Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Utilized for a range of business ventures from additional support for the wet-chemistry lab facility to IT, non-tech businesses and micro-enterprises having standard office needs.

ISES – Laboratories for Interdisciplinary Studies and Emerging Sciences

  • Academic research arm of the INVEST lab facility.
  • Operated by the department of chemistry and biochemistry.
  • Designed around the principle that physical science forms the foundation for the study of all natural phenomena.
  • ISES will encourage basic interdisciplinary research in emerging sciences and technologies.
  • Proximity to the incubator labs facilitates interactions between RSC students and faculty with incubator employees.

For more information about INVEST and opportunity for participation, please contact:

Thomas C. Keane, Ph.D.Dr. Thomas Keane
Director and Academic Liaison, INVEST @ Sage
Director, ISES Labs @ Sage
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Russell Sage College
Troy, New York 12180

[email protected]