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INVEST Intern 

To date over 52 students have been involved in a combination of lab and business based internships with companies involved in cutting-edge technology development ranging from nanotechnology to alternative energy generation and storage to biotechnology to IT.

Priority will be given to applicants who possess a defined skill set and aptitude for any particular internship as defined by the resident company HR and the academic liaison. Student interns may also work with the faculty and incubator personnel to develop learning experiences for their peers. These students may also help with the implementation of these learning experiences into courses across various disciplines.

Students interested in an internship with an INVEST company should contact Tom Keane, Ph.D., Director and Academic Liaison, at (518) 244-2299 or [email protected]

Lindsay Tucker

Watch Lindsay discuss her marketing internship at the Esteves CIE.

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Kim Poetzsch

Watch Kim discuss her energy related internship at Evident Technologies.

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Nicole McGill

Watch Nicole discuss her antioxidant research in the ISES Labs.

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Monique Merchant

Watch Monique discuss her work in the JP Lab Facility.

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Hsin Li

Watch Hsin discuss her work in the ISES labs.

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