Sage Announces Student Price Promise

March 12, 2013 at 9:36 am

The Sage Colleges Board of Trustees approved an undergraduate price guarantee that promises all newly admitted students a fixed tuition rate for their four years of study.

“Recognizing growing national concerns about college cost, Sage has held tuition flat for the past four years,” said President Susan Scrimshaw.  “Every day – from President Obama to stories in the news – we are reminded both of the high value of a college education and concerns about the high costs.  We at Sage could think of no better way to signal our continued commitment to keeping a quality private education affordable than our Student Price Promise.”

Under this plan all undergraduate students admitted for the next academic year will have a promise that they will pay the current tuition rate all four years at Sage.  Transfer students will have the same promise for the usual duration of their studies.

“People like certainty, especially in finances. The Student Price Promise gives them that stability which helps in planning and financing their college education," said Dan Lundquist, vice president of enrollment management. "In addition, this plan reassures families that although we have not increased tuition in several years, we do not anticipate a large jump in the future to 'catch up.' We are pricing our education as responsibly and predictably as we possibly can."

Undergraduate tuition has been held constant at $28,000 for the past four years and room and board has increased modestly each year.  “There are some costs we can't directly control – like food, heating, dorm maintenance – but tuition is the ‘big ticket item’ and freezing that is significant," Lundquist said.  He also noted that most Sage families receive financial aid and “the combination of our financial aid support and fixed price will help keep a Sage education within reach of our families.”  

Over the past five years, Sage’s undergraduate enrollment has grown by just over 25% which Lundquist attributes to Sage’s increased visibility, quality and diversity of programs, and affordability.