About Hunter Chaney

For someone in her senior year of college, Hunter Chaney already has a packed resume.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she first worked in the film industry making special effects costumes for monsters and superheroes.

But she had a hankering to study physics and so applied and was accepted to RPI. When that academic experience leaned too heavily on the left brain side, Hunter got to looking at Russell Sage College. 

She was thinking she’d like to major in English, and maybe try for a career in publishing.

Today, Hunter has fully settled into the idea of entering the literary world, which she figures will probably take her to New York City or Boston.

But in the meantime, she feels like her wandering days are behind her. She’s found a happy home in the Sage English department.

“I love the personal attention I’ve gotten,” she says. “The professors are really responsive. You get to know everybody. And the main thing, I believe, is that the professors like what they’re teaching. They’re excited about what they’re teaching.”

Hunter has also been excited about the opportunities she’s been given to create and produce podcasts, and work on an online literary magazine. 

Because her professors have had careers outside as well as inside academia, she says, they’re great about making a student’s experience really come alive and feel connected and relevant to what’s going on in the world.  

And getting that feeling of connection when you’re someone who’s been doing a fair share of searching can feel especially good. 

“I love the personal attention I’ve gotten.”

Hunter Chaney