About Jennifer L. Freytag

Jennifer Freytag is an associate professor of Biology at Russell Sage College.

Research Interests

Mechanisms of tumor metastasis
Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in cancer cells
Effects of growth factors on cell migration
Gene expression changes in cancer development

Selected Publications

Czekay RP, Wilkins-Port CE, Higgins SP, Freytag J, Overstreet JM, Klein RM, Higgins CE, Samarakoon R, and Higgins PJ.  “PAI-1: An integrator or cell signaling and migration.” International Journal of Cell Biology.  2011.  2011: 562481.

Wilkins-Port CE, Freytag J, Higgins SP, and Higgins PJ.  “PAI-1: a multifunctional SERPIN with complex roles in cell signaling and migration.”  Cell Communication Insights.  2010. 3:1-10.