About Jennifer Onwe

Jennifer Onwe was one of those lucky ones who knew exactly what she wanted from a college. She was looking for someplace relatively small, with a good physical therapy department, and a strong women’s softball program. Russell Sage College checked all the boxes.

But that doesn’t mean she found college a bed of roses. “It wasn’t always the easiest,” she says. “The professors push you to your limits.”

But at the same time, she adds, these same professors are ready to lend a hand. “They want to be there for you. Your goals become their goals. Looking back, I’m so thankful I was pushed. By the time I left Sage, I was ready.”

Today, in her career as a physical therapist, Jennifer is having the career she first envisioned way back in the seventh grade.

“Let’s say a patient is trying to recover from surgery,” she explains. “They can’t walk, or move one of their limbs very well. I’m helping them regain that ability. I’m helping to bring them back to that point where they can appreciate their quality of life again. That’s the payoff. You did it! It’s a great feeling.”

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Russell Sage College requires students to spend long hours in clinical settings. That’s part of why the rate of its graduates on the National Physical Therapy Examination  surpassed 96.3% from 2016-2018, the most recent statistics available. That’s also why 100% of graduates seeking employment secure a position within one year after graduation.

But that doesn’t mean Jennifer didn’t also find the time to pursue her love of softball.

“Playing softball at Sage was such a great time,” she says. “I just learned to be good at time management. I figured out how to perform on the field and in the classroom. Sage was so much the right choice for me. I wouldn’t trade the experience I had there for anything.”

"Sage was so much the right choice for me. I wouldn’t trade the experience I had there for anything.”

Jennifer Onwe, DPT