About John J. Pelizza

John Pelizza, Ph.D., is dean of the Esteves School of Education and the School of Management. Pelizza joined Sage in 1974 as a faculty member in the Department of Health Education. He has spoken to thousands of organizations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico on change, productivity and team building.

Recent Courses Taught

Personal Behavior Choice
Foundations of Health Education
Stress Management
Health Education Student Teaching (K-8)
Health Education Student Teaching (9-12)
Health Education Student Teaching for Certified Teachers
Concepts of Fitness & Wellness
Sports Psychology
Health Education Standards Workshop
Working with Parents in Education

Research Interests

Stress Management
Motivation and Personal Change
Weight Management

Distinctions & Awards

Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award, Russell Sage College

Selected Publications

Books: Foot in the Door, There’s Magic in Discovery, The Big Secret and A Journal to Live By

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Health Education & Psychology
M.S., Temple University
Health & Physical Education
B.A., Kansas State College now Pittsburg State University
Physical Education & Biology,