About Kaitlyn Kern

When Kaitlyn Kern was in high school, she knew she loved being part of theatre productions, but she had no idea how to turn her passion into a career. Today, with a double major in Theatre and Business, Kaitlyn has a clear vision. She plans on creating a non-profit organization that provides theatre arts experiences to young people.

How did this happen?

“It’s the Sage community,” Kaitlyn says. “People here want you to achieve your dreams. They want to help make it all happen for you. I’ve been given the opportunity to explore, not just in the theatre world, but to find out who I am as a person. I’ve been running entire theater productions, in a professional environment, as a 17-to-19-year-old kid!”

Along with her appreciation of theater, Kaitlyn says she’s built on her time management, organizational and leadership skills, and become so much more well rounded.

“Again, this is because of the kind of place Sage is. I’ve been encouraged, and mentored, and inspired by so many people here.” Kaitlyn chose Sage because she knew she wanted a close-knit community. And, while she takes classes in both Troy and Albany, what she finds is that “it’s one small college across two campuses.”

What makes Sage special, Kaitlyn says, became very real to her on her very first day on campus. “I remember, a student came up to me, seeing that I was new, and asked me if I’d like to have lunch. I knew I’d found a home here.”

When asked about her future, Kaitlyn admits to having anxiety, just like most everyone her age. “But I know I’m going to be okay,” she says. “I’ve been studying in a small, niche area, but I’ve been given a very full skill set. And, I’ve developed a strong work ethic, while being guided by people who really want me to succeed.”

“People here want you to achieve your dreams. They want to help make it all happen for you.”

Kaitlyn Kern