About Kate Hunter

When her older sister went off to college, Kate Hunter, starting middle school at the time, helped her move in. She fell in love with Russell Sage College that day. Because any place her big sister was going she wanted to be there too. And, she says, because she just fell in love with the Sage campus.

But just because she ended up going to college where she’d long dreamed of going, didn’t mean Kate wasn’t nervous when she herself arrived at Sage as a freshman.

“I was anxious about making friends,” she says. “But I found right away that all the first-year students felt the same way and were eager to make friends.”

“Beyond my freshmen class,” she adds, “was a whole community that was friendly and willing to support one another. Even when I toured other college campuses, none had this level of strength in their community like I always get here.”

Kate, who will graduate in 2021, majors in Creative Arts Therapy, with a concentration in Visual Arts and minor in Psychology.

She says that for as long as she can remember she was interested in art. But she admits she was worried about the stereotype of the “starving artist.”

Then, one day Kate found a character in a book who was employed as an art therapist. Bingo. She had found her calling.

And, because sometimes destiny is clearly destiny, she discovered that Sage is one of those rare colleges that offers undergraduates the chance to prepare to be an art therapist.

“And through this experience,” she says, “I’ve had the chance to experience multiple practicum opportunities outside the classroom, with the supervision of my professors.” 

Kate had thought at first that she wanted to be working as an art therapist with children, but after her exposure in internships to working with all age groups she found she’s open to working with a variety of populations. That has significantly expanded the possible job opportunities.

But first, Kate has decided to tackle graduate school and become a licensed art therapist.

Asked how she feels she’s changed since freshman year, Kate says:

“I’ve changed so much. When I first came here I had so much self doubt. Today, I feel good about who I am. I also believe that I will do well wherever I go. And the people at Sage really helped me with that.”

“I’ve had the chance to experience multiple practicum opportunities outside the classroom.” 

Kate Hunter