About Kimberly A. Fredericks

Kimberly A. Fredericks, Ph.D, MPA, RD, is Assistant Provost for Grants and Community Relations, chair of graduate programs, and associate professor at the School of Management at Russell Sage College. She is an expert in social network analysis and evaluation within the public and nonprofit health care sectors. Kim has consulted for many groups and her work has appeared in New Directions for Evaluation and the American Journal of Evaluation.

Recent Courses Taught

HSA/PAD 572 Planning, Program Analysis & Evaluation
HSA 577 Practicum in Health Services Administration
HSA 553 Health Systems & Policy
MBA 571 Management of Change & Innovation
NSG 599 Statistics of Health Care

Research Interests

Social network analysis
Program planning and evaluation

Distinctions & Awards

Investigator on Kellogg Foundation, National Academies and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation projects

Educational Background

Ph.D., Rockefeller College, University at Albany
Public Administration
M.A., Rockefeller College, University at Albany
Public Administration
B.S., Russell Sage College
Nutrition Science