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From Hollis Dorman ’74 President, RSCAA

“Our connection to Sage and each other strengthens our College.”


As I write my first Connections letter as president of our Russell Sage College Alumnae Association, we have recently completed a wonderful Reunion weekend. The campus was filled with Russell Sage graduates from the Classes of 1932 through 2002. How wonderful to celebrate with Florence Skolsky Einhorn ’32 who was with us for her 75th Reunion! Our alums partied Friday night in their lounges and at the Ruck, enjoyed coffee and jazz at The Daily Grind, and toured Troy to see the changes which have enhanced the community. We honored our newest Crockett Medalist, Patricia Newmark McCue ’52; and recognized Ann Wolcott Wheat ’57 and Mary E. Taylor Brizzell ’65, two of the five women receiving the Association’s newest “Woman of Influence” award. We also recognized Deborah Bacon Sopchak ’92 and Yolanda Rucker Morris ’97 with the Alumnae Admission Program Award for so effectively helping Sage recruit students. We presented our Friend of the Association Award to Maria Antini, longtime housekeeper at Slingerland Alumnae House. This was a small token of our deep appreciation for all she has done and continues to do for us.


As your president, I follow in the footsteps of three women under whom I had the privilege to serve on the RSCAA board – Barbara Spillinger ’52, Sheri Scavone ’84 and Mary Ann Oppenheimer ’67. I learned from each of them and hope that their examples will guide me as I take on this exciting and challenging role. I am pleased to be working with an outstanding group of women who, individually and collectively, work on your behalf to make Russell Sage and our Alumnae Association strong and vibrant. I want to thank those members who completed their board terms this past June: Marilyn Miller Fowler ’69; Jeanne Cloutier Markin ’80; Rachel Diness-Tourtellot ’92; Yolanda Rucker Morris ’97; Meredith Patik ’02; Courtney DeNobile ’06. Their commitment to Russell Sage College continues; I know we will see them at events and welcome their continued involvement. We are also pleased to welcome Susan Lomnitz Richter ’69 as alumna trustee. Susan serves both on the Sage Colleges Board of Trustees and on the Alumnae Association Board, and along with Trustees Carol Sweet Morse ’66 and Robin Livingston Taubin ’74, will work to help ensure that Russell Sage College and The Sage Colleges continue as strong and vibrant educational institutions.


During Reunion Weekend, President Neff told us about The Sage Colleges’ new challenges and exciting opportunities, with three doctoral graduate programs now approved by New York State. Russell Sage College for women continues to hold a pivotal role in shaping the entire institution. Therefore, it is incumbent on each of us to champion a women’s college education. The Association has worked diligently on the College’s behalf over the last eight years by helping recruit students, speaking to local guidance counselors, serving at college fairs, or calling accepted students to help answer their questions and encourage them to attend Russell Sage. We have also supported the Sage Fund for Excellence, the Colleges’ annual fundraising effort, so that Sage continues its record of financial stability and growth. I encourage us to continue supporting Sage’s efforts in recruitment and financial support. As the College continues to grow, it is vitally important that we stay connected to both Russell Sage and each other. As alumnae, we are key players in maintaining our alma mater as a strong, vibrant and challenging academic institution. Our connection to Sage and each other strengthens our College. I invite you to join with the Alumnae Board and me in choosing at least one of these ways to become involved.


As I begin my presidency, I also ask you to be in touch with the College and each other – let us know where you are and what you are doing – come to campus to visit, participate in area alumnae events, get together with other alums for a cup of coffee and keep our Sage connection alive. If this is your reunion year, please plan to join us May 30, 31, and June 1, 2008. Contact the Alumnae Relations Office at (518) 244- 2242 or e mail [email protected] with your updates, to request information on upcoming events or to become more involved. I also invite you to e-mail me at [email protected] As alumnae of Russell Sage College for women, we are a vital community of Women of Influence. I look forward to working with and hearing from you.


Hollis Dorman ’74
President, Russell Sage College Alumnae Association