Number of Positions: 1
Status: OPEN

Supervisor: Tania Capaz (Jill Grebert)
[email protected]
[email protected] 

Assist with the hiring, training, scheduling and supervision of any summer recreation and fitness staff. Help to develop, promote and implement fall programs such as but not limited to mini-fitness center classes and fitness challenges. Monitor usage numbers of recreation facilities. Promote programs of Recreation and Fitness Department. Other duties as assigned by Director of Recreation and Fitness, TSC
Individual in this position should be able to work evenings and weekends.

• Enforce all policies of the fitness center
• Develop fitness challenges for the fall semester
• Create informative stations in fitness center focused on health and wellness
• Provide weekly reports on fitness center usage participation
• Assist with preventative maintenance of fitness center equipment
• Attendance at special college events (Sage Olympics, Orientations, etc)

Skills Needed for the Position: MS Word, Spreadsheets (Excel), Databases (Access), CPR/FA Certification
Skills helpful for the Position: Websearching
Additional special skills or attributes required for the position: Flexibility in schedule. Ability to control large groups of people in gym and outdoor settings.
Reporting and Location
• Reports to Director of Recreation and Fitness
• Troy Campus