Schacht Faculty Research Awardees

The Schacht Faculty Research Grant program was established as part of the Elmer C. Schacht Memorial Fund in January 2009.  Full-time faculty of The Sage Colleges are eligible to apply.  The program provides support for pilot projects or the expansion of existing research projects and scholarly endeavors.  Completion of the project should result in data or new knowledge that will be published or presented in a peer-reviewed venue; or lead to a well-defined benefit to the community or target population; or the conduct of an event or performance, for example. Awards are distributed in the Spring of the year prior.

Thank you to FDC Chair David Salomon, for coordinating and reviewing applications.

2013-2014 Schacht Awards

                       Title                            Awardee(s)

Presenting the paper, A Long Poem of Walking Patricia Acerbi
Encouraging Positive Perceptions of Research Ability and the Professional Utility of Research by Reducing Fear of Failure Sarah Butler
Investigating the role of matrix metalloproteinases in growth factor-induced migration and invasion of epithelial cells Jennifer L. Freytag
Asia and the Climate Crisis Steven A. Leibo
Incarcerated women, trauma histories, psychological and physical health outcomes Janel M. Leone & Marisa L. Beeble
Effect of Exposure of M. vaccae by Pre-pregnant, Pregnant and Lactating Mice on Learning and Anxiety in their Offspring Dorothy M. Matthews & Susan M. Jenks
Effect of 10 weeks of Taekwondo Training on Physical Performance Measures in Children Neeti Pathare
Attitudes of microfinance clients toward Islamic microfinance in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Manijeh Sabi
Effects of acute stress on motor control of the lower extremity in physically active individuals: Potential risk factor for ACL injury Michael P. Smith
The Effect of WIC participation on labor supply of females and duration of maternal leave Ceren Ertan Yörük



Investigating the Role of ADAM17 in Growth Factor-Induced Migration and Invasion of Keratinocytes Jennifer Freytag
Islamic Microfinance in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Manijeh Sabi
Differences Between Normal and Latent Stem Cell Niches in C. Elegans:  A Model for Tumor Initiation and Metastasis Marie McGovern
Increasing Acceptance and Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables in Early Elementary School Children Through a Simple, Behavioral Theory-Based Classroom Exercise Sonja Irish Hauser, Nina Marinello, Eileen Fitzpatrick
Gait, Balance and Cognitive Performance in Older Adults Pat Pohl and Laura Gras
Civic Engagement Baseline at RSC Maureen McLeod, Pamela Katz, J. Russell Gray-Couch
Examining the Revolving Door:  A Look at Criminal Justice Involved Women's Community Tenure Using a Life History Calendar Approach Marisa Beeble
Structuring an Interdisciplinary Classroom:  How Students Collaborate in a Biotechnology Course Azita Hirsa
CABA Clinic:  Online Education for Parent with Autistic Children Jennifer Liption-O'Connor



Community Education in Fall Prevention and Exercise to Reduce the Risk of Falling in and Older Adult Population Laura Gras and Mary Rea
Determine how Parasites Affect Social Structure in Two Local Ant Species Kenneth Howard
Primary Research for Book Publication Tonya Moutray
Exploring Grief in Military Mothers Barbara Thompson and Bronna Romanoff
Defining the Role of Physical Therapists in the Holocaust James Brennan
Identifying the Qualities of Successful Transformational Change at Women's Colleges with Female Presidents Eileen Brownell



Theory of Discernment J. Russell Gray-Couch
Women in Narrative Stereography Melody Davis
Adolescents' Beliefs about Engineering Syb Jennings and Julie MacIntyre
In Vitro Antioxidants and Sexy Wasps Tom Kean, Tom Gray, Prakash Joshi
Phagaoeytosis: Production of Fusion Proteins Stacie Kuntz
GEMS and Persistence Tina Mancuso and Deborah Lawrence
Treadmill Comparison Gabby Moriello and Michele Haller
Aid to Ireland Harvey Strum



Writing Play of Roosevelt, VonBulow, and Coulter David Baecker
Meaning of Work and Retirement for Individuals with I/DD Joan Dacher and Barbara Pieper
Digital Literacy in Urban vs Suburban Children and Teachers Kay Gormley, Peter McDermott, Ellen Murphy
Photoperiod Effects on Social Behavior in Crayfish Susan Jenks
Arts-Based Research Cheryl MacNeil
Determinants of Obesity in Urban Children Netti Pathare, Marjane Selleck, Ester Haskvitz, Melodie Bell-Cavallino
A Mind of Her Own:  Feature Length Film on Benefits of Women's Colleges Penny Perkins
Study of Motivation in CAB Volunteers Jean Poppei and Bronna Romanoff
Troy-RSC Oral History Project Andor Skotnes