Regarding our counselors:

"Though newer to the position, Chelsea Ahl (Career Services)  is one of the most helpful people I have met at Sage. I met with Chelsea earlier this semester because I wanted some information about the State Assembly Internship application and other internship opportunities in the area. The meeting was scheduled promptly, and was  informative and helpful. Post meeting, Chelsea did extra research for me to find out some other  places to intern. Not only did she give me multiple suggestions, she networked to give me a direct contact within a local Environmental agency.

She was also extremely helpful when I met with her to write my resume. I had never done one before, and Chelsea was helpful in outlining the different parts and what I should include. She also gve me prompt feedback and edits. This resume, something I had been stressing over, only took me an afternoon to complete thanks to her.

Chelsea is always willing to go the extra mile to help, and if she doesn't have the answer to a question, she immediately sets out to find it."

"In the quest for the perfect job that would let me use my experience and education, I realized my resume was in desperate need of upgrading and restructuring.  To get the best possible results without spending a fortune to have someone else redo it for me, I enlisted the help of the staff in the Career Planning Office at The Sage Colleges.  I met with Mike Breslin to review my resume and to get some tips on writing a cover letter.  After talking for some time, Mike felt that I had left out skills and accomplishments in my resume trying to keep it on one page.  He felt I was not giving myself enough credit for the accomplishments that I did have.  I went home and rewrote the resume and used the advice he gave me to write my cover letter.  We met again once the changes were made to see if there were any corrections that still needed to be taken care of.

We talked again about the positions I was applying for and the interviews that were in the coming weeks.  Another suggestion that Mike made was to do a videoed mock interview.  Since I had not been on an interview in many years I agreed to be taped during this process so we could review it afterward.  I could see many of the changes that needed to be made and many more were pointed out.  Those pointers help with both pending interviews and gave me more confidence than I would have had going into a panel interview.

While I never heard back from one of the prospective jobs, I was offered the other position. I begin my new career the later part of April 2011 and am excited about this new chapter in my life and career. 

Thank you to Mike Breslin and the Career Center Staff."

Mary Sullivan, SCA 2000, SGS 2012

Regarding our services:

"I just obtained a fantastic internship with GE, obviously, with a lot of hard work and dedication on my part, however, with a tremendous amount of help from the career center.

I had never formally interviewed for a job and had never really needed a resume before. I had one prepared but definitely not perfected. I used the career center for resume writing, editing, and proofing, as well as cover letter editing and proofing. They were very effective and timely in their advice and help. Interviewing can be nerve racking regardless of how many times you have done it before, but the mock interviews take some of the pressure off; the more you practice the better. The career center helped me by conducting mock interviews which they videotaped which helped a lot in perfecting my interview skills.

The career center knows what is current and has the resources to assist those who might have the skills but just need to perfect them, and of course, they can always help you build the skills that you need in order to land both internships and jobs after graduation."

Shannon Teal, SCA 2011

"I was recently offered a very competitive internship on the Payroll Operations Team in Employee Services at General Electric. I was fortunate enough to hear about this internship opportunity from Career Services as they sent out an e-mail about an information session with GE to learn about their internship programs. By attending this info session, I was able to not only learn about GE and their internship opportunities, I was able to meet with the GE event coordinators and introduce myself. One of the coordinators actually remembered me at my interview, which definitely shows that it was important for me to attend that info session and have the chance to make a good impression. Thanks to Career Services for organizing the info session with GE, sending an e-mail blast, and coaching me in improving and enhancing my resume, I was able to land this once in a lifetime internship!"

Lindsay Tucker, SCA 2011