Computer Services + Accounts

The Sage Colleges provides comprehensive technology services to all students, faculty and staff. In addition to SageNet, the local network (LAN) which provides access to the internet on campus, Sage's technology services include the following:

  • a web portal and communication system, MySage
  • online course management system, Moodle
  • e-services system for Students, Faculty and Staff members, SageAdvisor, provides access to real time information as well as other services like course registration, viewing grades, transcripts, and many other options
  • online source of technology assistance and information, Knowledge Base
  • a plagiarism prevention program, Turnitin
  • phone system
  • voicemail
  • cable TV (for resident students)
  • online Library resources

In addition, new services are continually being added and old services expanded. For further information regarding any of these services, click on their respective links in the text above.

IT Accounts

Your IT Accounts (MySage, SageAdvisor, Moodle, etc.) are only maintained while you are a current student, employee, faculty or alumnae/i. If you are an alumnae/i your MySage account must be logged into at least once a year or you must have email forwarding turned on otherwise it may be deleted.

New IT Account Process

Accounts are created every 30 minutes by our IT System for new students and employees. Various student or employee activity will cause your account to be created. Here is a review of the main actions that will cause your new IT accounts to be created:

Student - Enroll in a course through Student Services or Pay your deposit with Admission (note, there is a short delay for internal action to occur before your account is automatically created).

Employee - HR adds you to the system as an employee.

If we have an internet email address on file (i.e., gmail, yahoo, etc.) in our system you will receive a direct email with your ID, default password, and Sage email address included. If you do not have an internet email address on file with us your new account letter will be mailed to the local or preferred address on file.

You can also contact our Helpdesk directly to find out your ID and default password once the account has been created. You'll have to answer some basic identifying questions. Once you properly identify yourself we'll be glad to assist.

Need Help?

Click here to view information on various methods of getting help.

If you require any assistance or have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk at (518)244-4777, email at [email protected] or check online in our Knowledge Base.