Early College

"Early birds" ready for college after their junior year of high school or straight from home schooling have a place to spread their wings: at Sage.

The Russell Sage College faculty understand the needs and ambitions of outstanding young women. In response to those, and because an increasing number of younger students were coming to College, the Early College at Russell Sage was launched in Fall 2003 for talented high school juniors considering college enrollment instead of their senior year. The program also serves home-schooled students who may be advanced in their study and ready to move on to college regardless of their age.

The Early College at Russell Sage, one of only two such programs in the country exclusively for women, offers special attention and services to students and their families. Students receive individual academic advising and mentoring, as well as opportunities for discussion about the transition from teen-age to young adult status.

For students entering Russell Sage a year early, it means completing a college degree that much sooner. And Sage offers many opportunities to combine undergraduate and graduate study in accelerated bachelor's/master's degree sequences.

For example, an Early College student who wants to practice Physical Therapy can complete both a bachelor's degree and the Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Sage in only six years. That's the equivalent of five years beyond the normal date of high school graduation.

To learn more about Early College at Russell Sage, contact:
Donna Heald, Dean, Russell Sage College
65 First Street
Troy, NY 12180
518-244-2466 or [email protected]