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*Our department's pre-med advisor is Dr. Thomas Gray.

BiochemistryThe goal of biochemical study is to understand the natural world at a molecular level. Although biochemistry is now a separate discipline, it is an outgrowth of study at the intersecting boundaries of chemistry and biology. At The Sage Colleges, the B.S. in Biochemistry Program is firmly grounded in the disciplines of Chemistry and Biology, allowing students of biochemistry to experience the thrill and satisfaction of understanding and relating natural processes at an atomic and molecular level, to properties and functions at a macroscopic level. Although approximately 10% of undergraduate institutions in the United States offer an undergraduate major in biochemistry, only about 2% offer a Biochemistry Program approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Sage is proud to have one of the oldest ACS-approved programs in the country, one that has become a model for other undergraduate institutions. An ACS-approved B.S. in Biochemistry provides an excellent foundation for individuals interested in a career in biochemistry, molecular biology, clinical chemistry, or individuals planning admission to professional courses of study in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine. Eligible students may complete their senior research project at INVEST. Students associated with INVEST can combine the study of Biochemistry with Business and Entrepreneurship through choice of minor, or through completion of the Master's in Business Administration at the Sage Graduate School of Management. The Biochemistry Program at Sage emphasizes a broad foundation in chemistry, biology, mathematics and biochemistry. Follow the Program Requirements link at the upper right for the course sequence and links to course descriptions.

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National Chemistry Day

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors performing demonstrations for children and their parents at National Chemistry Day at the New York State Museum, October 15, 2011.


The Incubator for New Ventures in Emerging Sciences and Technologies (INVEST) at Sage, is a national first for women in science. Find out more about this great opportunity:

Science majors interested in senior research in chemistry or biochemistry or laboratory based internship opportunities with any of INVEST's chemistry or biochemistry based companies, must either major in Chemistry or Biochemistry, or have a rigorous chemistry and biochemistry background unless otherwise noted by the Director and Academic Liaison of INVEST. Applicants must be in excellent academic standing and be a good fit with the company's culture and needs.

Students interested in an internship with an INVEST company should contact Dr. Tom Keane, Director and Academic Liaison, at (518) 244-2299 or [email protected]

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