Program Requirements: Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of a 29-credit sequence of nine courses, including three 1-credit workshops.

Foundation Content: Three courses build content knowledge of American politics, government, public policy and social change. 

Exemplars: One course on exemplars of civic and political leadership from Antigone to Hillary Clinton. The focus of this course is on people who made a difference as active citizens, civic activists, social entrepreneurs, and statesmen.  

Basic Skills: Two courses build communication and research skills of advocacy including persuasive writing and legal and policy research.  These skills are also threaded throughout the other core courses in the program.

Special Skills: At least three of the following 1-credit workshops:

  • Strategic planning, program research, and evaluation
  • Civic advocacy, civic awareness, and public education
  • Grass-roots mobilization, community networking, and partnering
  • Lobbying and government liaison
  • Fundraising and grant writing
  • Planning conferences, meetings, and special events

Practical Application: Students apply what they have been learning in two ways

Internship (usually in the student’s junior year) is a supervised placement within a governmental or nongovernmental organization in which the student gains firsthand experience in a policy-related environment such as the New York State Legislature or the Mayor’s Office. Minimum is 4 credits but students are encouraged to take more.

Synthesis: a senior seminar in which students select, research, write, and defend a capstone public policy research project

 PACE Core Course Requirements

Learning Objective Course No. Course Description Credits
Content Knowledge POL 101 U. S. Politics and Government 3
Content Knowledge POL 218 Public Policy Making Process 3
New Exemplars PACE 201 Civic Leadership & Engagement 3
Communication Skills ENG 233 Persuasive Writing 3
Research Skills POL 205 Research in Law & Government 3
New Special Skills PACE 301,302,303 See list in Special Skills above 3
Application POL  307 Internship 4
Content Knowledge SOC/WST/HST/POL 335 Social Movements 3
New Synthesis PACE 405 Senior Seminar and Capstone 4
Total Core Credits                                                                                     29
PACE pathways Varies See pathways 12
Total Credits                                                                                    41