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WORLD, which stands for Women Owning Responsibility for Learning and Doing, is the newly redesigned Russell Sage College General Education Program, effective in academic year 2016-17.  The WORLD sequence, combined with courses that meet at least three Women of Influence Learning Goals, and coursework in the student’s chosen major, are designed to work together to produce a Woman of Influence ready to lead, succeed, and continue to learn.

Information on February 8, 2016, Panel on Diversity and Inclusion

Core WORLD Sequence

First Year

WLD 101 Reading Women’s Voices and Developing Our Own
WLD 201 Researching Girl’s and Women’s Lives Across the Curriculum

Fourth Year (Capstone)

WLD 401 Women Changing the World

Women of Influence

The Communicative Arts, including Writing, Listening, Observing, Speaking, and Presentation

Critical Analysis, Integrative Learning, and Research

Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning

Global, National, and Local Citizenship; Ethical Engagement

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

Leadership, Teamwork, and Problem-Solving

Creative and Imaginative Thinking

Russell Sage

Attention to the individual student’s growth

Strong, practical liberal arts & sciences foundation

Rigorous standards of achievement

Collaboration, teamwork, and leadership

Personal and social responsibility

Respect for, and engagement with, diverse peoples and perspectives

Active involvement in the community

Russell Sage VISION

Russell Sage College is recognized as one of the premiere women’s colleges in the country, distinctive for its reality-based education. Future-looking in its curriculum, Russell Sage graduates world-ready young women who are confident, articulate, and success-oriented.

Faithful to its original mission to prepare women to take their place in the world’s work, Russell Sage interprets that mission for the 21st century creating a living/learning community dedicated to the personal and intellectual growth of Women of Influence.

Words of Wisdom

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, a 1929 Sage honorary degree recipient:

"You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively;
unless you can choose a challenge instead of competence."