Housing Preference Form for New Students (First Year and Transfer)


Sage ID #:

1. I anticipate studying an average of hour(s) daily in my room.

2. My intended field(s) of study is/are:

3. My preferred study habits are:

Alone in a quiet environment
With minimal distractions (i.e., quiet music)
If distracted, willing to seek out quieter environment (i.e., library)

4. I classify myself as:

A "night owl" (how late? )
Stay out late on weekends, but need sleep during the week (asleep by? )
Early to bed/rise (how early? )

5. I would like to live in a 24-hour quiet area (space is limited)


6a. The following best describes me:

Fairly neat and would like to live with someone similar
Fairly neat, but can live with someone who is not
Neatness is not important to me


I prefer a lot of time to myself
I occasionally need time to myself
I prefer to live in a social environment

7. Do you smoke?
College policy prohibits smoking in ALL College buildings, including ALL residence halls. However, your answer is extremely important due to allergies and health concerns.


8. Some of my special interests and activities are:

9. What room temperature do you prefer to sleep in?




10. Please consider the following special needs/additional information that may have a bearing on my housing assignment (allergies, disabilities). Please be specific:

11. Do you know someone who you would like to live with? If so, who:
Please note that we will grant roommate requests only if both students have requested each other.