Resident Student Work Order Request

Instructions: Complete all areas of the form below and click Submit to send it to the Residence Life staff. Your request will be forwarded to the Facilities staff after it has been screened by a Residence Life staff member.

Note: Bed setup requests will not be done after the second week of the academic year. Also, please specify how high you want a bed raised (up to 2 feet), or lofted (generally 5-6 feet).

If this is a health or safety emergency, please contact the Office of Public Safety at 518-244-3177.

Name of student requesting the work order
Sage Email (i.e. [email protected])
Contact Phone Number
Room Number/Area
Please describe your problem or request in detail
Location of the problem in room
You will receive a confirmation that your work order has been placed with the Facilities staff, including a work order number for personal reference. Should the Facilities staff have questions regarding your work request, they will contact you directly via the phone number or email address provided.