Course Offerings

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies requires a total of 120 credits. Of these, 90 must have a liberal arts designation, and 30 may be designated as professional courses. As an example, “College Algebra” is a liberal arts course, and “Advanced Computer Literacy” is a professional course.

The courses in the Achieve Degree have been carefully selected to meet the College’s requirements for the Liberal Studies degree while at the same time meeting the College’s requirements for General Education courses. As such, most of the courses in the Liberal Studies degree do double duty, meeting both major (B.A. in Liberal Studies) and institutional (General Education) requirements.

Specific Program Requirements


The Liberal Studies degree requires a nine-credit sequence in
Foundation Courses. This requirement is met through:

  • HUM 112 "Humanities Seminar II" (3 Credits)
  • HUM 113 "Language and the Human Experience" (3 Credits)
  • PSY 101 "Introduction to Psychology" (3 Credits)

Individual Studies

The Liberal Studies degree requires a 24-credit sequence in American Studies, English, Humanities, or Individual Studies. The Achieve Degree follows the Individual Studies sequence, and is met with the following courses:

  • MAT 209 "Discrete Mathematics"
  • MAT 112 "College Algebra"
  • MAT 113 "Precalculus"
  • BIO 134 "Human Biology"
  • SCI 120 "Nutrition Science"
  • COM 254 "Interpersonal Communications"
  • EGL 330 "Creative Non-Fiction"
  • EGL 332 "Sowing & Reaping"

Companion Courses

The remainder of the program is filled by courses selected to provide a broad-based exposure to a variety of courses ranging from the social sciences to communication and to provide training in two critical professional areas: computer science and business. Additionally, the College is strengthening the program with 12, one-credit Life Laboratories.

Recognizing the importance of instruction in the professions, the Achieve Degree has created Companion Courses that build on the broad, liberal arts base of the courses above and which build professional skills, with a particular emphasis on the Internet and on entrepreneurship.

  • CSI 150 "Advanced Computer Literacy"
  • CSI 221 "Advanced Linux for Network Administrators"
  • CSI 226 "Object-oriented Design"
  • CSI 227 "Object-oriented Programming"
  • CSI 263 "Website Development"
  • CSI 320 "Website Administration"
  • CSI 438 "Technology and Culture:
  • CSI 4XX "Capstone Seminar in Computer Science"
  • BUS 104 "Contemporary Business"
  • BUS 110 "Personal Finance"
  • BUS 320 "E-Commerce Management"
  • BUS 311 "Entrepreneurship"

Life Labs

The Life Labs are 12 one-credit courses designed to teach practical skills for academic success and independence.

  • Online Learning and Time Management
  • Writing for Academe
  • Setting and Meeting Goals
  • Information Gathering
  • Social Communication and Etiquette
  • Writing in Real Life
  • Personal Finance
  • Technologies for Communication and Socialization
  • Career Assessment and Aptitude
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Disability Challenges, Benefits & Accommodations

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