Achieve Degree at Sage

Current Students & Families

"As a parent with a 19-year-old Asperger student enrolled in the Achieve Degree at Sage, I am thrilled at the resources available to these talented people. Thank you to all of the devoted individuals that make life invaluable for the Autism population."
- Bernie McMillan

The Achieve Degree was developed by a community of educators and professionals devoted to meeting the needs of non-traditional students, such as those on the autism spectrum or with other learning differences or special needs.

Sage is committed to continuing to serve the students enrolled in the Achieve Degree. You will experience no changes in program or services, and will have every opportunity to successfully complete the program and earn your bachelor’s degree from the accredited Sage College of Albany. However, Sage is no longer accepting new students into the Achieve Degree program (effective March 2014).

Resources for currently enrolled students: