Program Evaluation Report

I. What is the Program Evaluation?

The Program Evaluation is a student academic report, available on-line in your SageAdvisor account. It is an up-to-date outline of degree requirements and is created for all matriculated students. This report is an important individualized educational planning tool that matches the courses you have completed (or registered for) with an outline of the requirements for your degree. (The report is also sometimes referred to as a Degree Audit).

The Program Evaluation report serves as your on-line record of progress toward fulfilling your major, general education and degree requirements. This report is used by the Office of Student Services to clear senior-level students for graduation. Therefore, it is super important that students refer to it for registration and course planning. By ignoring this report you may be wasting time, taking the wrong credits and/or throwing good tuition money away.

NOTE:  Completion of a minimum of 120 total credits is required for a bachelor's degree.  Separate major checklists are OK to use, but they are UNOFFICIAL and do not replace the on-line Academic Evaluation Report.  Completion of a minimum of 120 credits is required for a bachelor's degree.

II. Report Sections

Report Heading

1. Students Name, Sage ID number.
2. PROGRAM: Major student is enrolled in; CATALOG: The Sage Catalog YEAR in which your requirements are based. This is determined by the year you matriculated at Sage.
3. ANT. COMPLETION DATE: The month and year you are expected to complete your degree. If you believe that this is incorrect, please let the Office of Student Services know.
4. ADVISOR NAME: Each student is assigned a faculty advisor, a full-time professor from their academic major department
5. PACE Ratio/Financial Aid Eligibility
(Calculated by Total Completed Credits/Total Attempted Credits)
*Students who do not attain a Pace of 67.000% or higher may not qualify for financial aid in a subsequent semester.
6. CREDITS & GPA information:
-- credits: Institutional credits and Total credits (includes transfer credits, AP, etc).
-- # of total credits Earned, In progress and Remaining
-- GPA: This section shows your current Sage GPA

TIP: For GPA and total credit information that is easier to read and understand, look in SageAdvisor: Using the Transcript link.

Degree Requirements

The Program Evaluation lists all Required Courses within Required Categories such as:

  • LIFE Skills/General Education Requirements
  • Major Program Requirements
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences

"Other Courses": This section lists elective courses that ARE included in your overall credit total - which appears on page one. These courses do not fulfill specific requirements, and are general or open elective credits.  These credits help students achieve the minimum total required, 120 credits.

NOTE: You will see on your Academic Evaluation that some courses fulfill
requirements in more than one section, BUT the credits for the course are only
counted ONCE in your overall credit total.

III. Report Codes

(appear to the left of section heading title)

N = Not started: You have not registered for or completed any courses which apply to this section.
I = In progress: You have started, but not yet completely fulfilled, the requirement(s) for this section.
C = Complete: You have fulfilled the requirement(s) for this section.
W = Waived: Your advisor and Department Chairperson have agreed to waive this requirement.
P = Pending: Based on successful completion of courses for which you are currently registered.

Section Directions and Notes

Sample text found on report:

Complete the following courses:
Complete one of the following courses:

_________________________________ 3 credits needed
_________________________________ 1 course needed

**It is important for students to track their degree progress.  Blank lines like the ones listed indicate a requirement is missing.

(appear to the right after each course)

*IP = In progress: The course is currently in progress in the current semester.
*PR = Pre-registered: The course is pre-registered for a future semester.
*TE = Transfer Equivalency: This code designates a transfer course.

IV. Student Responsibility

At Sage, Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet all of their degree program requirements. The Academic Evaluation Report and your faculty advisor can help you do this. Students should:

1. Carefully and thoroughly review your Program Evaluation each semester
2. Have a copy of your Academic Evaluation in front of you when consulting with your faculty advisor and bring it with you to each advisement meeting.
3. Keep in mind that any exceptions (ie, substitutions, waivers) to published requirements for your major must be approved in writing by your faculty advisor
4. Ask questions of your faculty advisor until you fully understand what you need to complete, so you can track your progress toward graduation.



You will see on your Program Evaluation that some courses fulfill requirements in more than one section, but the credits for the course are only counted ONCE. Use the transcript information link in SageAdvisor to verify total number of completed credits.