Academic GPA Resources

Help to Improve Your GPA

It is important that you work hard to improve your academic situation and return to satisfactory academic standing with the College. There are staff and resources on campus to help you.


  • Immediate student action is best: review course syllabus and discuss concerns with course instructor.
• Create realistic detailed improvement plan:
  Tutoring, increase study time, reduce employment hours, health & wellness.
• Discuss plan and degree requirements with >> Faculty Advisor.
>> Academic Calendar for course withdrawal and term dates.
>> Resources webpage on
If you find that you need to Withdraw from a Course:
If you have not been able to improve your class average – course withdrawal (grade of W) may be the best option. You need to discuss this decision with the course instructor and your faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor can explain how course withdrawal will affect your graduation.
• You must also discuss course withdrawal with Student Services/Financial Aid staff on how this will affect your current and future financial aid (and college loan) eligibility.
• The course withdrawal deadline is posted on the Academic Calendar.
• Course withdrawal CANNOT be done on-line in SageAdvisor. It must be processed in person at the Student Services Office, utilizing the Add/Drop form.
Pass/Fail Grade Option
• The deadline to select the Pass/Fail grade option for a non-major/non-minor course is posted on the Academic Calendar. A completed request form is required.
• Note: If the student is not successful in a course that he/she selects as Pass/Fail and receives a final grade of ‘F’, the F grade is listed on the official transcript and is averaged in to the student’s cumulative GPA.
  Change Major Program
>> Contact Academic Advising Office
  Course Accommodations
>> Disabilities Services
>> Faculty Advisor or Academic Advising Office
SCA Catalog policy >> Grades
Online GPA calculator >>
  Health & Wellness
Anxiety; Depression; Sleep issues; Stress management
>> Counseling Services/Wellness Center
  Registration Forms/Student Services
>> Registration Change Form (course withdrawal)
>> Pass/Fail grade request Form
  Study Skills
>> Academic Support Center
  Test Preparation
>> Academic Support Center
  Time Management
>> Academic Support Center
>> CDTA and Shuttle information
>> Academic Support Center/Tutor request
  Writing & Research
>> Writing Tutors, Armory 205
>> Library


  • See below for information on Sage grades and how to calculate a grade point average GPA. Note: Just “passing” your courses (C- to D- grades), will not help improve your GPA.
   Satisfactory Course
  (below a 2.00)
  Letter grade   Quality
  Letter grade   Quality
(BELOW 2.00)
   A+ =  4.00    C- =  1.70
   A =  4.00    D+ =  1.30
   A- =  3.70    D =  1.00
   B+ =  3.30    D- =  0.70
   B =  3.00    F =  0.00*
   B- =  2.70   *No credit granted.
**2.00 is required to be in good
academic and financial standing.
   C+ =  2.30  
   C =  2.00  

--Incomplete, Passing and Withdrawal grade designations are not calculated in cumulative GPA.
--College policy on good academic standing = 2.00 Cum GPA (minimum).**
--College policy on good academic standing in Major = 2.20 (minimum).**
**Note: Some SCA majors require a higher Cumulative or Major GPA. Please see College Catalog >>

 Online GPA calculator >> 

Academic Probation >> see Catalog, Academic Standards section