SageAdvisor Registration Instructions

Using the Search/Register for Section Link

*Recommended: Print this page and have in front of you when registering for classes.
**SCA students must be cleared by their faculty advisor to be eligible for registration and schedule changes.

1. LOG-IN to >> SageAdvisor. 
You must log-in to access Registration functions (same UserID & Password as MySage account).  Click on the dark blue box, Students

In Students Menu ---->

2. Go to to REGISTRATION menu. Use the 4th link: SEARCH/REGISTER FOR SECTION


On this screen use 3 fields/boxes - ONLY
    - TERM
... use drop-down arrow to select Term
    - SUBJECT... use drop arrow to select Subject (i.e., EGL  English)
    - COURSE NUMBER... (ie, type in "231")

**You may leave ALL other fields on this screen - BLANK.

Or, to further narrow your search use these fields (Optional).

  • Location = Albany
  • Academic Level = Undergraduate

Click once on SUBMIT (at bottom of page).

4. A new screen, SECTION SELECTION RESULTS, will appear.  All courses meeting search criteria will be listed.

 -- To SELECT a course, click on the small white box in the first column (put in a checkmark) for each course you are interested in. (Note location: Albany or Troy).
 -- Be sure to check the Course Availability column (Available/Capacity/Waitlist).
The 1st number is # of available seats/ the 2nd number is total allowed in class/ and the 3rd number is # of students on waitlist.

* * * * * IMPORTANT STEP * * * * *

5. A new screen, REGISTER AND DROP SECTIONS, will appear.

To COMPLETE registration, go to ACTION column (first column). There is a white box with a down arrow. SELECT option: REGISTER (or put yourself on the WAITLIST - if class is closed).  Repeat this step for each course you would like to register for.

Click once on SUBMIT (at bottom of page).

6. A new screen, Registration Results, will appear that you have been *REGISTERED* for the courses you just entered.  A confirmation email will be sent to your MySage email account.

7. IMPORTANT! Before logging out, go to My Class Schedule link to make sure your registration was input correctly.  Be sure to also check course campus LOCATION (Albany or Troy).

Hold Information

Students are responsible for resolving all "Holds" to be eligible for Registration and Add/Drop.

 Hold  POSSIBLE Reason for Hold...
 (sample explanations)
 Admission  *Missing final transcript(s)  292-1730  scaadm
 Financial Aid  *SageAdvisor item incomplete
 *USAP appeal required
 292-1781  student_services
 Finance & Business  *Previous term tuition balance due
 *Parking fine
 *Dorm fine
 244-4744  barthm
 Library  *Book overdue fine  292-1721  library
 Perkins Loan  *Perkins promissory note due  244-4744  barthm
 Student Services  *Student Account payment issue  292-1781  higgik
 Health Center
 *Immunization record needed
 *Physical exam paperwork needed
 292-1917  kingk2

To Drop a Course

  • Prior to the specified Add/Drop deadline - you may use SageAdvisor to drop courses
  • You must clear any "Holds" to utilize the Add/Drop function
  • To drop a course use the, REGISTER AND DROP SECTIONS link
  • Find the course you want to drop, put a checkmark in the first column in small white box
  • Click once on, SUBMIT (at bottom of page).

To Withdraw From a Course

  • After the posted Add/Drop deadline has passed, to "Withdraw" from a course you will need to complete a "Registration Change or Add/Drop form" prior to the specified course withdrawal deadline. (See TSC Academic Calender).
  • On the Add/Drop form, SCA day students need their faculty advisor's signature and the course instructor's signature.
  • Bring the completed Add/drop form to the Office of Student Services.
  • For this course, a grade of "W" will appear on your official transcript.

Class Standing or Academic Level

Academic classification or class standing is determined by the total number of COMPLETED credits on record (in SageAdvisor) earned toward the Sage degree:

Class standing/Completed credits

  • Freshman, 0-23
  • Sophomore, 24-53
  • Junior, 54-86
  • Senior, 87 or more