i.Think Courses

i.Think or Innovation Thinking is a three course sequence for all SCA students beginning Fall 2009. The goal of these three courses is to create citizens for the future workforce who are intellectually nimble, creative, enthusiastic, and visionary.

ITK 101 i.Think: Learn
Teams of students guided by faculty are challenged to create solutions for ambiguous problems that require different knowledge and skills. In the process, students take ownership of their education and life-long learning, and come to appreciate the collaborative, interdisciplinary skills needed to succeed in college, grad school, and the contemporary global workforce.
[This course is required for all SCA students except transfers with 45 or more credits upon admission.]

ITK 301 i.Think: Engage
Students take their skills in collaboration, innovation, and problem solving to the next level by creating and implementing an innovative product or service that benefits a neighboring community.
[Prerequisite: ITK 101]

ITK 401 i.Think: Innovate
Multidisciplinary teams of student are linked to clients in the Capital Region to develop a new approach, product or service that results in an innovative solution to a problem. Projects that address problems relating to vulnerable populations, homelessness, education, disabilities, and care for the aged are strongly encouraged.
[Prerequisite: ITK 301]

What is Innovation Thinking?

» A collaborative process that frees people to solve problems creatively.

» Finding paths to solutions that used to be blocked by preconceptions.

» A multidisciplinary attitude and approach to finding creative audience-focused solutions

Why is innovation thinking important?

Because your dream employer is looking for someone who thinks this way.

Top employers are asking tough questions that require you to think critically, analytically, and creatively. See some examples of questions top employers are asking »