Clubs + Organizations

Classes are students number one priority, but sharing one's skills with their community is also important. SCA student groups reflect the diverse passions, goals, and efforts of the campus community.

How to Start a New Organization

Students who have an idea for a new club or would like to reactivate an inactive club should do the following:

  • Survey other students on campus to see if there is a reasonable amount of interest for the proposed club. If the club is major-related, contact students taking that particular major;
  • Find and designate a club advisor (faculty or staff member at SCA) who can help with the details of organizing and carrying out the long-range objectives of the club;
  • Bring the proposal to the Campus Life Office, for assistance on how to draw up a charter and constitution, and how to petition to the College for recognition;
  • After working with the club advisor and other prospective members of the club, the charter and constitution must be submitted to the Student Government for approval;
  • Upon approval of club status, you may start conducting official meetings with the club members.

Contact the Office of Student Development for assistance on how to get organized, find an advisor, recruit members, and complete the Student Government recognition process.