Campus Offices & Resources - Section 1

Vice President forStudent Life

Kahl Campus Center, 145, (518) 292-1710

The Vice President for Student Life guides the work of the Deans of Students, Wellness, Cultural Enrichment and Diversity, Dean of Residence, Career Planning, and Athletics and Recreation. The Vice President for Student Life supports these offices in creating connections for students in and out of the classroom, and in providing a community where learning and personal development can occur in a safe, supportive community.

Dean of Students


Student Development Office, McKinstry Student Center, 2nd Floor, 244-2207


Student Life Offices, Kahl Campus Center Room 145, 292-1753

The Student Life Division provides programs, services, opportunities and environments for every student to become involved in educationally purposeful activities outside of the formal classroom. The Division works closely with the Vice President for Student Life who works in conjunction with a team of professionals to create living and learning environments which are both challenging to and supportive of students. The Student Life Division includes the following offices: Leadership and Student Activities, Residence Life, Orientation Programs, Career Planning, Disabilities Services, Wellness, Cultural Enrichment and Diversity, Athletics and Recreation, Commuter Life and Student Conduct.

International Students

The Sage Colleges welcomes international students from all over the world. A diverse campus community creates a rich campus environment. Designated School Officials (DSO), on the Albany and Troy campuses serves as resources to all international students here at Sage. International students are expected to meet the terms of their F1 and J-1 visa status at all times. DSOs are available to help international students with any issues relating to maintenance of status, as well as help them adjust to life at Sage. All international students must check in with a DSO as soon as they arrive in the U.S. The following is a list of the DSOs at The Sage Colleges:

Designated School Officials Title Troy Campus Albany Campus
Trish Cellemme Vice President for Student Life Kahl CC #145
Kris Gleason Dean of Residence Cowee Hall 244-2008