Campus Offices & Resources - Section 7

College Services

Administration Building, Basement, 292-1779

College Services Hours:

Academic Year

9:30 am - 6:00 pm (M-Th) *summer hours-10:30 am 6:00 pm (M-Th)

8:30 am - 5:00 pm (F) *summer hours-close at 4:00 pm (F)

**Albany Campus College Services window closes from 1:00 pm 2:00 pm for lunch**

Mail Services

All SCA resident students have mailboxes on campus. Students maintain the same mailbox number while enrolled at the college. SCA resident student mailboxes are located in the mailroom on the lower level of the Administration Building. College Services will mail any outgoing letters or parcels for students. Mail from the Albany campus will be taken to the Troy facility to be processed. Mail is taken to the U.S. Post Office by 4:00 p.m. daily Monday-Friday. Postage due mail is also picked up in College Services. All incoming mail received from the U.S. Postal Service must have the students full name, box number, city, state and zip code. A return address must be on all mail.

Correct way to address mail:

Joe Student


Sage College of Albany

140 New Scotland Avenue

Albany, New York 12208

Intercampus mail may be used by any member of the College community including faculty, students, staff and administrators. Intercampus mail to students must have the students full name and box number. In addition, intercampus mail should have a return address in case of a problem with delivery. U.S. Postal Service mail is delivered to the College once a day. It is anticipated that mail is sorted and in mailboxes in the Albany Residence Hall boxes by 5:00 p.m. Intercampus mail will be sorted through-out the day. Packages too large to be placed in a mailbox are recorded as they are received and students are notified with package slips placed in their mailboxes. To pick up a package, a College ID or other identification along with the package slip must be presented in College Services. During the semester breaks, all mail, including newspapers and magazines, is saved in College Services and subsequently delivered. Before the end of the academic year in May, students should attempt to notify those sending them mail of their summer address. Subscriptions should be canceled or a change of address sent to the subscription company at least six weeks prior to the change taking effect. Students who will be staying on campus for summer or who will have a summer address different from their permanent address must notify College Services ONE WEEK BEFORE GRADUATION of their intention. We will begin forwarding mail the day after graduation. If not notified, all mail will be forwarded to the students home address.

Office of Student Services

Financial Aid, Registrar and Student Accounts

Albany: Administration Building, First Floor, 292-1781

 Troy: Cowee Hall, First Floor, 244-2201Email:

Hours: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30- 5:00pm on Friday.  

Summer Hours : 8:30 – 4:00 Monday through Friday.

For more information and to download forms, visit Student Services website through

The Office of Student Services supports the following service needs for students:

Financial Aid

At Sage we know how important the role of financial aid is in helping you to continue your education. We are here to provide all students with the information and guidance you need to successfully navigate the financial aid process.  We can provide assistance in helping you with the financial aid application process or to discuss the right financing for your education. There are many rules, guidelines and requirements when working with financial aid, and the Financial Aid Staff is here as a resource to help you through the process.

For more information go to:


The Registrar's Office is responsible for all matters pertaining to students' academic records and registration for classes at The Sage Colleges, including setting the academic calendar each year.

For more information on Pass/Fail Grades, Registration, Verification Requests or Transcript Requests go to:

Student Accounts

Tuition and Fees: The Sage Colleges

The deposits, tuition, room, board and fees noted in the following sections are in effect for the 2012-2013 academic year and are subject to change without prior notice by The Sage Colleges Board of Trustees. All policy statements and other information detailed in the following sections reflect information current at the time of this publication.


All payments for tuition, room, board and fees are due in full by the following dates. Students that register beyond these payment deadlines are expected to pay in full at the time of registration.

  Payment Due Date
Fall 2012 August 3, 2012
Spring 2013

December 14, 2012

For more information on Student Accounts, including Cost and Aid, Tuition Liability, Payment Options, please go to: