Parent FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents - Orientation


Is my child required to attend Orientation?

Yes. The expectation of Sage College of Albany is that all students need to attend these events throughout the whole weekend. The weekend is filled with opportunities for students to gain an understanding of policies, offices, and services that Sage has to offer.  Plus, we have a number of important opportunities to have you network with other new and returning students from both our campus and the Russell Sage campus. Please make sure to make any necessary arrangements to attend orientation.


How do I pay my child’s bill?

Payments can be made at The Office of Student Services on either campus or online by the student through SageAdvisor using the following payment options:

o   Electronic check (the college will require the account routing number and account number – checking or savings)

o   Credit card - The Sage Colleges accepts payments via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. There is no fee assessed when using your credit card. You authorize The Sage Colleges to charge your credit card with the amount you designate. For your security, The Sage Colleges will no longer accept credit card information via phone, fax, or mail.

o   Payment plan - The Sage Colleges offers a low cost payment plan through Tuition Management Services (TMS), please contact Student Services for details – (518) 292-1781.


Can I view my child’s grades?

Grades will be made accessible to the student on their Moodle accounts. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents us from disclosing information regarding a students’ academic progress. For more information please see:


What happens if my child gets into trouble? What are the disciplinary procedures?

Parents and legal guardians may be contacted in emergency situations or if a student has been taken to the hospital by a college employee.

FERPA regulations prevent the college from disclosing information to parents and legal guardians without the student’s consent, unless the parent has signed the FERPA form.

For more information on college policies, please refer to the college code of conduct:


How can I add to my child’s meal plan?

Meal plans and community dollars can be purchased online at:

Students can also add to their meal plans during the semester by going to the Student Life Office in KCC 145 and completing a meal plan change form. Only the student can complete this form as we require their signature. The additional meals will be billed to their student account.

NOTE: Students with full board meal plans will only be able add the additions stated in their plan or a declining balance plan. These plans can be added throughout the semester.


Will my child be required to purchase health insurance?

All full-time students at The Sage Colleges must maintain health insurance coverage for all semesters in which they are enrolled.

Full-time students at Russell Sage College and Sage College of Albany are charged for health insurance as part of their fees associated with tuition for their first full-time semester per academic year. This fee can be waived if the student has health insurance coverage independent from The Sage Colleges. For more information: