Vernacular 44

Vernacular 44th Edition
Vernacular 44th Edition [pdf]

44th Ed. Continued Literary Pieces
Ballad of Bill Waters

Vernacular, 1969 to present.

In 1969, Helen Staley, Professor of English, Department of Humanities, and a group of her literature students, asked Marty Gieschen, Professor of Art, if he and his students would be interested in joining forces to create a campus publication featuring the work of our students. That year a slim volume containing 25 poems, 9 essays, 10 sketches and 1 photograph was distributed on campus. Since that time Vernacular has grown in many ways. Color was not included for many years, changes in technology enabled experimentation in techniques and design. Vernacular has grown into a sleek, contemporary publication. Students apply each year to work on the Vernacular staff. Once appointments are made, plans get underway for that year's edition. Announcements are sent to students and flyers are posted on campus soliciting submissions. Once submissions are in, student editors, under the guidance of faculty advisors, select pieces of poetry, prose and drama, drawings, paintings, illustrations, photographs, and design presentations to be included. Editors look to include the best examples in each area. Decisions are made regarding the design and editors begin the process of putting together the book.

A release celebration is held in April to reveal and distribute the new edition. There is great anticipation and much celebration surrounding this event.