Past Projects : 2005 - 2012

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Project Descriptions:

Understanding Stress Associated with Parenting Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attitudes Regarding Available Services and Support?

  • Sanchia Calendar

Factors Influencing Nursing Faculty Preparedness to Teach Online.

  • Kristy Digger

Awakening the Artist: The Art of Bricolage in Nursing.

  • Joanne Galayda

A Comparative Analysis of the Profile of Ischemic Stroke Patients between a Hospital in Upstate New York and Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Vilailert Komton

Intimate Partner Violence Among College Students: Understanding Contextual Factors that Influence Bystander Behavior.

  • Caroline Lynch

Characteristics of Heart Failure (HF) Patients Admitted to a Single Hospital in Thailand (January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2010).

  • Pawilai Pitakwong

Feasibility & Outcomes of a Classical Pilates Program on Quality of Life, Posture, Balance, Gait & LE Strength in Someone with a Stroke.

  • Sarah Shea

The Effects of Teaching the Picture Exchange Communications System on Vocal Requesting in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Hayley Vininsky 


Project Descriptions:

Reliability and Validity of the Nintendo Wii Fit.

  • Beth Hine and Audrey Hummer

A Comparative Analysis of the Rate of Central line Blood Stream Infections amongst Critical Care Areas.

  • Christopher Viagrande

The Relationship of a Child's Fine Motor and Object Manipulation Skills to Academic Achievement.

  • Erin Landers, Lauren Nardini, Julie Schmidt and Nicole Wasielewski

The World from an Airplane: A Veterans Journey Home.

  • Mary Elizabeth Platt

The Effects of Body Weight Support Treadmill Training on the General Function and Mobility Skills of a 20 Month Old Female with a Spinal Cord Injury Secondary to Arteriovenous Malformation.

  • Brooke Barton and Sarah DiPasquale

The Relationship between Past Medical History and Time to Discharge in an Assisted Living Setting.

  • Heather Lynn Brunell

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Project Descriptions:

Evaluation of the "Veggie Mobile" Nutrition Program in Seniors.

  • Dipti Abhijit Namjoshi

Effects of Gait Training with a Body Weight Support Device and Treadmill in Patient with Impaired Ambulatory Ability from a TBI.

  • Lauren Papa, Gesha George and Adrian Wagner

The Use of a Lighted Tilted Frame with an Individual who had a Stroke.

  • Tracy Ransome Suprenant and Janelle Martin

The Effect of Body Weight Support Treadmill Training (BWSTT) on Household Ambulation Skills of a 16 year old female with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy.

  • Charley Dibble, Christin Rymanowski and Catherine Russell

Rescue & Reciprocity.

  • Pamela Mintzer, Angela Rice, Emily Pruiksma and Stephanie Martinelli

Sex Offender Community Notification Laws: Perceptions of Efficacy and Fairness.

  • Jody Zabel

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Project Descriptions:

Family Perspectives of Early Intervention Services in Schenectady County.

  • Larissa Arnaboldi, Jamie Haas and Rebecca Young

The Road to Recovery: Staff and Consumer Perspectives.

  • Kathryn Muller, Kristine Minasi, Wendy Baldasaro and Jamie Stitt

Effects of Gait Training with a Body Weight Support Device and Treadmill in Patient with Impaired Ambulatory Ability from a TBA.

  • Melissa D'Addario, Robert Lemyre, Tylene Lizardi and Barbara Scheidel

The Effectiveness of the Snapdone Weight Bearing Indicator for Partial Weight Bearing Gait.

  • Laura Downey, Kyle Dugan, Ashley Lipes and Katie Peletz

Breaking the Silence Case Study: Women Fighting AIDS in Tanzania (WOFATA) & Analysis of National AIDS Policy.

  • Sharnal Murray

The Effect of Body Weight Support Equitest Posture Training oh Household Ambulation Skills of a 16 year old female with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy.

  • Falion Haldane, Linda Miller and Katherine Tracy

Road to Recovery: Consumer Perspectives.

  • Emily Barsky, Jennifer Carrk, Courtney Garcia and Bret Harlow

Intertextualities and Multiliteracies: Film Technology in the Classroom.

  • Vincent Porfirio

Registered Nurses' Perceptions and Experiences with Patient Violence on an Impatient Psychiatric Unit.

  • Jodi Burch and Tammy LeBlanc

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Project Descriptions:

The Perceptions of Employees in a Long Term Care Facility Regarding the use of Certified Pet Therapy Intervention with Residents.

  • Christine J. Calistri

Study 1: Multiple Perspectives, Outcomes and Efficacy of Occupational Therapy Early Intervention Services

  • Sonya Ventelli, Kimberly A. Puffer, Patricia A. Timpanaro and Jennifer Prond

Study 2: Client-Centeredness: Its Impact on the Efficacy and Outcomes of Occupational Therapy in a Rehabilitation Setting.

  • Christy Barot, Brian Beane, Jennifer Coffey, Tatiana Gorsky, Kimberly Gyurik, Mariamma Jose, Jessica Kearney and Amanda Reil

Study 3: Client-Centeredness and Satisfaction with Occupational Therapy in Home Care Environments

  • Kaitlyn Barrett, Daylene Hunte, Joelle Korzatkowski and Jessica McIntyre

Study 4: Outcomes of Hippotherapy for Preschool-Ages Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Jamie Healey, Baliee Layn and Tammy Dzembo

A Comparison of the Occupational Prestige Rating of Physical Therapy by DPT and MSPT Students.

  • Lisa Macander and Jamie Aschern

Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Physical Therapy Practices in New Orleans.

  • Colleen Barton and Jason Barone

An Exploration of the Relationship Among Cultural Identity, Depression and Aggression.

  • Erin Applegarth

The Effect of Reiki on Pain, Anxiety, Sleep, Pulse Rate and use of Analgesia in Acute Rehabilitation Patients.

  • Angela Sheehan

Policies, Preferences and Practices of Emergency Department Nurses Regarding Family Presence during Resuscitation and Invasive Procedures.

  • Carol Slvador and Deborah Hallenbeck

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Project Description:

Effect of an Educational Program for Kindergarten Children on their Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Peers with Disabilities.

  • Stacy Norris, Candice McCooey, Jennifer Antal and Sarah Paawlikowski

The Effect of Partial Body Weight Support on Gait Parameters in Children with Down Syndrome.

  • Sarah Pitchers, Hannah Cleary, Heather Blackwood and Katie Russ

Recreational Music Making and Nursing Students: A Pilot Study.

  • Daphne LeaHemmer

Identifying the Needs of Rural Caregivers; A Qualitative Study.

  • Mary Haward

The Effectiveness of Balance Screening in Community Dwelling Elders.

  • Christine Geuther, Katherine Hampton and Anita Moore

Nurse's Perceptions of Facilitators and Barriers to using Research in Preventing Pressure Ulcers in the Care of Hospitalized Adults.

  • Theresa Pittman

Spirituality and Healing: The Practice of Islam.

  • Susan McBride and Nathan Mosher

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Project Descriptions:

Attitudes of Able-bodied Persons toward Individuals Who are Mobility/Physically Impaired.

  • Kathryn Brokaw, Katie Connelly, Michelle Mackness, Ann-Marie Roloson and Angelo Zuppo

Perceptions of Graduate Students in Nursing on Spiritual Preparation for Practice.

  • Jennifer Brice, Joan Fish and Susan Shah

Job Satisfaction of Nurse Managers.

  • Karen Chaplin, Katherine Nagy and Nancy Salerno

Physical Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: An Investigation of Physical Therapy Utilization and Outcomes in an Outpatient Physical Therapy Population.

  • Jennifer K. Dewhirst

The Effect if Positioning on Gross Motor Milestone Achievement in Daycare Settings: A Case Study of Five Infants.

  • Linda Fonda, Andrea Hurin, Kristen Lemery and Meredith Roberts

Community of Faith Health Needs Assessment Tool for Parish Nurses.

  • Linda Jackson and Jane Stratton

Evaluation of Training Module on Domestic Violence Recognition and Intercession by Health Professionals.

  • Elizabeth Keating

Emergency Department Registered Nurse Knowledge and Recognition of Challenges Faced by Patients Possessing Low Health Literacy.

  • Marianne Powers

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