Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The School of Professional and Continuing Education is committed to lifelong learning, and exists to provide non-traditional learners with a valuable education through cutting-edge, forward-thinking professional educational programs.

Vision Statement

The School of Professional and Continuing Education is characterized by its commitment to the unique needs of non-traditional learners. Through multiple pathways to intellectual attainment and a variety of instructional modalities - on-campus, online, and blended options – students not only have a choice of their preferred modality, but are also able to obtain a degree from The Sage Colleges given the complexities and challenges associated with being an adult learner. As a School based in professional education, students will develop new and empowering connections and be mentored by distinguished faculty – all while experiencing a creative, thought-provoking, and supportive learning culture that have been the cornerstones of The Sage Colleges since 1916.


The School of Professional and Continuing Education’s culture and priorities are shaped by the following values (not in order of importance). SPCE believes that:

  • An education should be transformative, and utilize the life experience of the adult learner to enhance knowledge.
  • An education should be convenient and offered in a mode that is accessible, and suits the adult learner.
  • Adult learners should be able to complete a program in as short a timeframe as possible, without compromising the academic integrity of the program.
  • An education should be affordable, yet offered at a level of experience that exceeds expectation.
  • The Sage Colleges should offer relevant, flexible, and challenging academic programs that combine quality with professional opportunity.
  • The Sage Colleges staff should be responsive, customer-oriented, helpful, and friendly to all part-time, non-traditional learners.
  • Adult, part-time, online, or any non-traditional learners are as much a part of the fabric that comprises The Sage Colleges as traditional, full-time students.