Advising Resources


SageAdvisor is a SECURE site that contains live information from the College's system. Sage students' academic record and account information are available in SageAdvisor. You must log in to access your personal information and registration functions.

Use SageAdvisor for:

  • Student Profile Information
  • Faculty Advisor Information: Each student is assigned a full-time faculty advisor in his/her specific program area for future course planning
  • Academic Program Evaluation Report
  • Transfer Course Equivalency Report
  • Schedule/Transcript/Grades
  • Registration Functions
  • SageSense: student account and billing information

Academic Advising Links



SPCE degrees and diplomas are conferred by Sage College of Albany, Albany, NY. Students are ultimately responsible for reviewing the college catalog (academic policies) and academic calendar, as well as satisfying all major/degree requirements.