Student Life

Campus Activities & Events

The School of Professional and Continuing Education students are welcome and encouraged to participate in all Sage events, in Albany or Troy. Most events are free of charge. Please check the Events Calendar regularly for program information.

Recreation & Fitness Options

Recreation and Fitness facilities and programs are available to all Professional School students on the Albany and Troy campuses. You can utilize the on-campus fitness centers, The Fitstop in Albany (Gym/KCC Lower Level) and The McKinstry Fitness Center in Troy. Or drop in on a variety of fitness classes including yoga or karate. Please be sure to bring your Student ID.

Student Handbook

Students in the School of Professional and Continuing Education share the resources and advantages provided to Sage College of Albany students, and are governed by the Sage College of Albany Student Handbook. For more information, contact the Dean of Students at (518) 292-1753.

Housing Options

The School of Professional and Continuing Education students may take advantage of the close-to-campus housing options available through the University Heights College Suites. UHCS offers Sage students apartment-style living with fully furnished 2- and 4-bedroom units.

If student housing is not your taste, use the link below to find apartments that are close to campus.