Man on a Mission: Lundquist shares insight on changes in Higher Ed

Dan Lundquist"A college degree has never been more important and concern about college affordability has never been higher," according to Dan Lundquist, Sage's vice president of marketing and enrollment.  "At the same time few colleges have tackled this issue as effectively as Sage."

Interest in these topics has given Lundquist a forum to suggest solutions to many audiences all the while promoting The Sage Colleges, its commitment to affordability, and the advantages of an educational experience at a private institution.  Speaking at a number of standing-room-only engagements – from Denver to Atlanta to Warrensburg and in-between – his seminars focus on educating parents and perspective students on finding the right college "fit" and helping them understand highered financing.  He has also been a sought-after speaker to highered leadership groups regarding the challenge of sustainability in the near- and long-term future, and the Chronicle of Higher Education has assigned a reporter to shadow him for two days this fall.

"As more colleges wake up to the strategic value of proactive planning, I have been asked to present the 'Sage Case Study' as they seek solutions to their own enrollment and revenue challenges," said Lundquist.  "In addition to that effort, having the opportunity to work with hundreds of families – some faculty and staff colleagues and some who end up sending their children to Sage – is personally AND professionally rewarding."