Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant Awarded To Sage Professors

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant Awarded To Sage ProfessorsResearch led by Kimberly Fredericks and Kathleen Kelly poised to impact healthcare delivery nationwide

Assistant Professor of Nursing Kathleen Kelly, together with School of Management Associate Dean Kimberly Fredericks, Ph.D., MPA, RD received a significant grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The pair was tasked with analyzing The Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for the landmark 2010 report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change and Advancing Healthcare. This is the first RWJF grant awarded to Sage.

The Future of Nursing recommended that the nursing profession adopt important changes to meet the increased demand for care in an increasingly complex heathcare system. The team representing Sage’s School of Management and School of Health Sciences was invited to apply for the grant based on Fredericks’ expertise in social network analysis – the scientific study of affiliations between two entities – and Kelly’s expertise in translational research – the efficient application of research findings into every day practice.

Fredericks and Kelly interviewed leaders charged with implementing The Future of Nursing recommendations – nurses, nurse educators, healthcare administrators and others from across the country -- to learn about their connections, collaborations and resource flows. While this research is poised to impact healthcare delivery nationwide, it is having an immediate impact at Sage -- on the two nursing doctoral students as well as graduate students in Management that have contributed to the research. They’ve been involved in the process from the beginning and learned how to get a research project up and running, address obstacles, work with interview data, and do a content analysis.