State Capitol to Sage Campus: Diane Van Wie ’05

Diane Van Wie '05Diane Van Wie '05 shared memories from her work as a member of then-New York State Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller's executive staff, in an article that appeared in the Albany Times Union in January.

It was Rockefeller himself who encouraged her to pursue a college diploma, said Van Wie, who began attending Sage part-time while working in the governor's office. Her classmates and professors knew about her high-profile position. "They had a lot of fun with it," she said, adding that she looked forward to the relative calm on campus after demanding days in the state capitol.

Her classmates, including one woman with nine children, were also balancing full time work and family responsibilities, remembers Van Wie. "We were finding our place in the world," she said, praising Sage's commitment to non-traditional college students that continues today.

Van Wie put college on hold to attend to other responsibilities – until one day nearly 50 years later she was driving by campus and decided it was time to complete her degree. She was 70 when she received her bachelor's degree in English and Psychology with the Class of 2005.

"College helped me talk better and think faster," she said, adding "Although in governor's office, I learned to think pretty fast."