Russell Sage College Students

For parents and family members of Russell Sage College students.

Dear Families,

Even though the campus is a bit quieter these days now that the academic year has ended, our office is bustling with anticipation as we anxiously await the arrival of Sage’s newest students.  Having just recently coordinated Sage’s May Commencement Ceremony, our hearts filled with pride as we watched the talented students march across the stage. We are happy to now turn our attention to our incoming first year and transfer students.

As families, you may be feeling mixed emotions too, excited for the adventures to come for your students, while perhaps a bit anxious about seeing them transition to this next important step.  We want you to know that the Student Life Office keeps busy all year long with our main goal to help students find success within and outside the classroom at Sage.  A major part of that for the summer is making sure that our orientation programs provide students and families with the information and connections they need to start the fall semester off on the right foot.  We are already busily preparing for First Year Student Orientation on July 18th and Transfer Student Orientation on July 25th.  And, we hope that all new students will join us for Welcome Weekend August 23rd-25th so that they are ready to start classes on Monday, August 26th.  And, we hope you can join us for Family Weekend, September 28-29.  Official invitations will go out in early September.

One of the benefits of being a part of a close-knit campus, like Russell Sage, is that all members of our community, be they graduating students or prospective students, resident students or commuters, can be assured that there are ample people, programs, services, and events that are available to provide all with the support they need to accomplish their goals.  I see one of my main roles as dean of students is to remind students that they are not alone and there are people who believe in you, even when you don’t quite have the strength to believe in yourself.  I reach out to families to assure you of that truth, and to ask your help in making sure students access the support they need.

Dean Deb Lawrence and I write Family Newsletters throughout the year so that we can share a bit about our community with you, and to remind you that you are important members of our community as well.  The latest edition of the RSC Family Newsletter is available online and you can access one of the links below if you want to see some of the archived newsletters as a reminder of the services and support that our available on campus.  We have gone completely green this year and we are no longer printing copies of the newsletters.  We will be collecting family email addresses at summer orientations and you can also provide us with your contact information at [email protected] if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the Dean of Students’ Office with any questions or concerns. Our number is 518-244-2207 and you can reach me directly by email at: [email protected].

With warm regards,

Stacy M. Gonzalez
Russell Sage College Dean of Students