Russell Sage College Students

For parents and family members of Russell Sage College students.

Dear Families,

The summer heatwaves are now a distant memory and we are fully engaged in the fall semester.  Campus is bustling and busy, they way it should be.  By now, the new first year and transfer students are settled in and hopefully feeling confident and comfortable in their new Sage community.

The Student Life Office keeps busy all year long.  Fall is a special time of renewal and new beginnings– new students to meet, new clubs forming, new traditions starting, new events to plan, and always new problems to be solved.  Whether we’re hosting Halloween Trick or Treating, a Thanksgiving Pie Social especially for our commuting students, or the latest Student Center event, we aim to provide a comfortable and safe space where all are welcome.  I can’t tell you how many times students come in for the expressed purpose of raiding the candy bowl in the office, and they end up staying for an hour or so and leaving with answers to the questions they didn’t even know they had when they walked in!  What can I say?  We all feel so fortunate that we get to work such talented, funny, and smart students each day.

One of the benefits of being a part of a close-knit campus, like Russell Sage, is that all members of our community, be they graduating students or prospective students, resident students or commuters, can be assured that there are ample people, programs, services, and events that are available to provide all of us with the support we need to accomplish our goals.  I see one of my main roles as dean of students is to remind students that they are not alone and there are people who believe in you, even when you don’t quite have the strength to believe in yourself.  I reach out to families to assure you of that truth, and to ask your help in making sure students access the support they need.

Dean Deb Lawrence and I write Family Newsletters throughout the year so that we can share a bit about our community with you, and to remind you that you are important members of our community as well.  The latest edition of the RSC Family Newsletter is available online and you can access one of the links below if you want to see some of the archived newsletters as a reminder of the services and support that our available on campus.  We have gone completely green this year and we are no longer printing copies of the newsletters.  Click on this link to sign up for future electronic newsletters that will be sent via email.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the Dean of Students’ Office with any questions or concerns. Our number is 518-244-2207. My e-mail address is [email protected].

With warm regards,

Stacy M. Gonzalez
Russell Sage College Dean of Students