Dorms at Sage College of Albany

Living at The Albany Campus Residence Hall

Residence halls are more than just places to live! Sage believes that residence halls should be  active living/learning centers that compliment the academic programs of the College.

First year students at Sage College of Albany are required to reside on the Albany campus in the Albany Campus Residence Hall (ACRH). Their room assignments are made by the Residence Life staff.

For some students, residence hall living is what college is all about! Sage College of Albany’s on-campus, coed residence hall provides a clean, safe, comfortable living/learning environment for students in good academic standing.

Living at University Heights College Suites


After their first year, students may prefer to live in rental properties in the surrounding neighborhoods or at University Heights College Suites, a student housing complex only a short walk from campus. College Suites offers Sage students apartment-style living with new, fully furnished 4-bedroom units. If you are interested in living at College Suites, please contact the Office of Residence Life for information; our office works directly with the management of College Suites for you (and you do not have to pay a deposit!). Students who choose to live in College Suites are always welcome to attend any programs and events on the Sage campus and in the Albany Campus Residence Hall. Although the apartments at College Suites come with full kitchens, residents are also welcome to choose meal plans on campus.

Returning students who are interested in living on campus (in the UH College Suites) may pick up and submit their applications. Applications will be available in the Resident Director’s office in the ACRH, as well as in the Office of Student Life, located in the Kahl Campus Center, room 145. In the application, residents will indicate suite-mate choices for next academic year. This application must be completed and returned before a space can be reserved for the next academic year. (Current residents at College Suites need to also respond to the renewal message sent from the Suites management.)

Returning students planning to live in College Suites are able to forgo the housing deposit to the Suites and pay their housing charges directly to Sage via their student account.

There is a limit to the available spaces at College Suites. All housing reservations are based upon a first come, first served basis. Complete and return your application as soon as possible!

If you have a hold on your college account, you will not be eligible to apply for fall housing. Please double check to make sure you are in good standing with the Student Services office.

Living Off Campus as a Commuter

For those students living off-campus, Sage makes commuting easy. We provide plenty of parking, on-campus dining options, and a comfortable commuter lounge. Upper class students at Sage College of Albany have the option to live off campus. In order to become a commuter, you must complete a Change of Status form. This form can be found at the Office of Student Life, located in the Kahl Campus Center, Room 145.