The Sage BETA (Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment) Team is a group comprised of Sage administrators from various departments who meet on a biweekly basis to discuss behavioral concerns related to Sage students.

The team consists of staff from Health and Wellness, Academic Deans, Admission, Residence Life, Public Safety and the Deans of Students. Other areas are consulted and brought into discussion on an as needed basis.

The group meets to discuss possible behavioral concerns that have been brought forward by faculty, staff and students and develop intervention and referral protocols to find the appropriate solution to the concern brought forward. Common referral reasons may be related to a student experiencing mental or physical health problems, demonstrated behaviors that are uncharacteristic for an individual, physical or sexual violence that a member may have been subject to or any disruptive or potentially threatening behaviors inside or outside the classroom.

Sage uses an online referral form that all community members can utilize to refer troubling or concerning behavior. This referral will go to the BETA Team for discussion and referral.

All immediate threats or concerns about impending violence should be directed to Public Safety via the Emergency Dispatch Center at 518-244-3177.

If you would like to discuss the team and how it works, please contact Shylah Addante, Director of Residence Life, at [email protected].