Study Abroad Application Process

Process for Applying to Study Abroad

So you think you might want to study abroad while you are a student at Sage.  The following resource will explain the process for applying to study or travel abroad.  Failure to follow these steps may result in The Sage Colleges no approving your study abroad programs which will include a loss in financial assistance.


The application to study abroad is a two part process.  All students must complete this process as specified or they risk the chance that The Sage Colleges will not approve their program and they may nor receive financial assistance or Sage academic credit for their program.  The cumulative GPA requirement for studying abroad is 2.75.  However, The Sage Colleges will also consider your individual semester GPAs as well.  If you are interested in applying to study abroad, you must meet with the Director of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity by October 15 for a spring semester program or by Spring Break in March for a fall semester program.


Step 1 – Meet with the Director of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity

                This meeting will be to discuss your major, career goals, foreign language proficiency (not required for all programs), and possible country options.  The Director will assist you in finding a program which meets your academic needs. 

Step 2 – The Sage College Study Abroad Application

                At the end of your meeting with the Director of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity, if you have found a program you will be given a copy of The Sage Colleges Study Abroad Application.  This application is to receive approval from The Sage Colleges to participate in an abroad program.  This must be completed prior to applying to your program of choice.  The Sage Application includes approvals from:

Dean of the College – The Dean of your college must approve that your GPA is a cumulative of 2.75, and that all of your academic work up until your travel abroad shows that you are a strong academic candidate to study abroad.  The Dean will sign off on your application once he/she are satisfied that you can be successful while abroad.

Dean of Students – The Dean of Campus Life on your campus will determine that you do or do not have a judicial file.  If you have a judicial file he/she will list the violations and sanctions.  Violations of the College policies does not automatically restrict your participation in an abroad program, but will be used to determine if you will be a successful candidate to study abroad.

Associate Dean of Academic Advising – The Associate Dean of Academic Advising will share your mid-term grades with the office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity.  Poor mid-term grades does not automatically restrict your participation in an abroad program, but will be used to determine if you will be a successful candidate to study abroad.

Academic Advisor/Program Chairperson – Your academic advisor will approve your academic coursework for your study abroad program.  If a class is outside of your academic major, you will need approval by the Program Chair.  Failure to receive approval for coursework may result in your courses not coming back as “Sage” credit but rather as transfer credit of not at all.  When meeting with your advisor you should bring copies of all course descriptions, so that they may make an appropriate decision.

Financial Aid/Student Services – You will need to verify that you are financially capable of paying for any additional expenses for your program, including items which may not be covered by The Sage Colleges (room or board, depending on the program).  All programs which cost more than The Sage Colleges will be the financial responsibility of the student.

Finally, we ask you to disclose and disabilities or medications you may be on.  With regards to disabilities, we will verify that the program of study you wish to participate on, can and will have the services to assist you while you are abroad.  The American Disabilities Act does not cover you while you are abroad in a foreign country.  We will verify that they can assist you or recommend a different program.  With regards to medication, we will assist student to verify that the medication they are currently taking is legal in the country they wish to study in.   You may simply need to get a generic brand.  If your medication is illegal we will let you know the alternatives or assist you in finding other programs.  If a student does not disclose information is not the responsibility of the Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity or The Sage Colleges. 

Step 3 – Study Abroad Program Application

               Once you have completed The Sage Colleges Study Abroad Application it must be returned to the office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity.  The Director will then give you the application to your study abroad program.  This application should be returned to the Director, who will make a copy of the application and mail out the application.  If the application is completed on line an email should be sent to the Director informing him/her that the application has been completed.  Some programs will not accept a student’s application without written approval by The Sage Colleges. 

Step 4 – Acceptance letter/email

                Once you have received your study abroad program acceptance, please bring or forward a copy of the acceptance to the Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity.  This acceptance will be placed in your file and approval by the Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity will be given for you to be registered for a study abroad semester.  Failure to be registered for a study abroad semester could result in loss of full-time status, loss of financial assistance and health insurance.

Step 5 – Mandatory Pre-departure Meeting

                Finally, the last step of the approval process, is to attend the mandatory pre-departure meeting.  This meeting is held on each reading day, prior to final exams.  Two will be held that day, one on each campus.  If you are unable to attend the one for your campus, you must attend the one held on the other campus.  At this meeting you will be required to supply a copy of your passport and visa (if applicable), and your flight itineraries.  This meeting will cover emergency protocols while abroad, cultural and legal issues in your host country, Sage College policies, and much more. 

*Please note that The Sage Colleges reserves the right to revoke a student’s approval to study abroad if the students application semester grades do not meet The Sage Colleges expectations, the student is  involved in a policy/judicial violation during their application semester, or if they have any incomplete coursework.  The Director of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity will determine final approval or denial.