For some people, dorm life, (we prefer to call it residence hall living) is what college is all about. Sage believes that residence halls should be active living/learning centers that compliment the academic programs of the College. Students can participate in fun, valuable programs, such as cultural dinners, aromatherapy workshops, and Halloween parties for area youth.

Housing at Russell Sage

The college residence policy requires that full-time students who do not live with parents or spouses live in campus residence halls. Exceptions to this policy (based on age, finances or family circumstances) are considered on an individual basis and must be approved in writing by the Dean of Students or his designee.

Part-time students (i.e., students carrying fewer than 12 credits each semester and less than a total of 24 credits for the year) also have the option of living on campus. If you are a part-time student interested in living on campus, please submit a written request to the Director of Residence Life.

Housing at Sage College of Albany

Sage College of Albany's on-campus, coed residence hall provides living and learning space for about 100 first-year students in good academic standing.