About Lucas Aurelio Phayre-Gonzalez

After graduating with a major in Theatre from Russell Sage College in 2018, Lucas Lucas Aurelio Phayre-Gonzalez journeyed to London to pursue his dream of becoming a working actor. He found a job there as a bellhop, carrying bags for people like Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and J. J. Abrams.

Ah, the glamour of pursuing a career in theater and films.

Okay, that’s a bit snarky. 

But here’s the thing. Lucas embraced the opportunity to meet his heroes. Because meanwhile, he was going to auditions and had himself an agent pointing him to various opportunities.

That led Lucas to small roles in feature films, which he believes one day will lead him to major roles in feature films. Just recently he got a part in a series being produced for Amazon Studios. 

Lucas credits Sage with giving him that sense of confidence he carries, as well as the willingness to do whatever it takes to make his mark. 

“My four years at Sage were amazing,” he says. “We did five shows a season. I was essentially a working actor. I think Sage is unique in what it offers. Unique. It’s just exceptional in so many ways.”

Lucas did everything from playing lead acting roles to running the crews. He appeared in productions of Shakespeare. He played Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. And through it all, he says, he got to feel what it was like to be part of a theatre family. He discovered that’s what makes him come alive.

“Sometimes it was hard,” he says. “And frustrating. But I learned it was all doable. I was always learning. Those four years were immense for me.”

What might have had the most profound impact on him, Lucas believes, is that time freshman year when he overslept, messed up, and wasn’t there for his job as a spotlight operator. He’d let down everyone in the production. 

But he was forgiven. And he was encouraged to be better than that, and learn from the experience. 

“So yes,” he says. “I learned to audition. I got all the building blocks. But I also learned what people expect of you.”

And he learned to expect a lot of himself.

Over the years, Lucas has worked with the New York Public Theatre and the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. He’s done children’s theatre, immersive performance and musical theatre. And yes, he’s carried the bags of stars.

All with a sense of purpose. To make sure that one day his moment arrives, when he’ll be more than ready for his moment in the spotlight.  

“My four years at Sage were amazing. We did five shows a season. I was essentially a working actor.”

Lucas Aurelio Phayre-Gonzalez