Clubs and other student-run organizations are a great way to make friends, broaden your horizons, take on a cause or just have fun during your time at Russell Sage College. Involvement and leadership in student organizations are also great resume-builders.

The college has a variety of clubs for students to join — as well as the option to start new clubs by working with the Student Life offices in Albany and Troy. For more information on clubs, contact the Director or Assistant Director of Student Activities in the Student Life Office on either campus.

Russell Sage College Student Government Association

Student government is a driving force in the success of a college. Learn how you can get involved in the Russell Sage College Student Government Association.

How to Start a New Organization

To start a new organization or revive an old club, contact the Student Life Office for assistance on how to get organized, find an advisor, recruit members and complete the Student Government recognition process. Students who have an idea for a new club or would like to reactivate an inactive club should do the following:

  • Survey other students on campus to see if there is a reasonable amount of interest for the proposed club. If the club is major-related, contact students taking that particular major.
  • Find and designate a club advisor (Sage faculty or staff member) who can help with the details of organizing and carrying out the long-range objectives of the club.
  • Bring the proposal to the director or assistant director of student activities in the Student Life Offices on either campus and gain assistance with how to draw up a charter and how to petition to the college for recognition.
  • After working with the student activities staff and other prospective members of the club, the charter must be submitted to Student Government for approval.
  • Upon approval of club status, you may start conducting official meetings with the club members and will likely receive funding to support your efforts.

Examples of Recent and Active Clubs at Russell Sage College

Student clubs need to be chartered annually through the Student Government Association, so the number of clubs each year may vary depending on student interest. In recent years, Sage students have chartered academic clubs (e.g., American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Creative Arts in Therapy Club (CATS), Interior and Spatial Design Club, Nursing Club, Nutrition Club, Pre-Med, Spanish Club) and Arts Publications (e.g., The Rev – Poetry Literary Circle, Vernacular – Literary and Art magazine). Students have also formed service organizations and social/advocacy clubs, like Baking Club, Black and Latinx Student Alliance, Democracy Matters, Gaming Organization, Newman Club, Sage Dance Ensemble, Sagettes (a cappella singing group), Sage Rush Line, Spectrum (LGBTQ+ Community), Soccer Club, VEGAH (Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Animal Rights).

Russell Sage College Honor Societies

Sage also has several honor societies that recognize student achievements within and outside the classroom.

The Athenians is the Russell Sage Academic Honor Society. It is composed of juniors and seniors who have achieved a cumulative average of 3.4 after four terms of work.

Sage Circle
This society of Russell Sage College recognizes student participation, leadership and service in the college community. Members of Sage Circle are students who exemplify high standards of character, good sportsmanship and conduct. The members are expected to continue to promote and retain interest and service in the college community. The criteria for membership include a class standing of at least a second-semester sophomore, a cumulative average of at least a 2.700, the accumulation of a required number of points as prescribed by the Sage Circle Point Sheets and the overall recognition of high standards exhibited by the student as viewed by the current members of Sage Circle.

Other Academic Honor Societies
Many academic departments have their own nationally recognized honor societies. Students can consult with faculty department chairs to find out about what opportunities are available in their academic programs.

Director of Student Activities
Assistant Director of Student Activities