A Smart Investment in You

Your investment in a Russell Sage College education is an investment in yourself. And access to education has always been an important part of what we do, which is why 100% of incoming full-time undergraduate students receive financial aid. Graduate students have the opportunity to benefit from generous Graduate Assistantships, too.

The Gator Gateway Experience

We invest back in you with a curated undergraduate experience designed for your success in college and after graduation called The Gator Gateway and graduate programs that are competitively priced and flexible for today’s working students.

Why earn a college degree?

Studies show those with a bachelor’s degree earn over $1 million more in their lifetime than those whose education stops at a high school diploma. The gap widens even more with a master’s degree.

Accepted Student FAFSA Checklist Spring 2024

Download Your FAFSA Checklist

Get your guide to the new 2024-2025 FAFSA process.

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Financial Aid and Affordability at Russell Sage College

Scholarship Opportunities for Everyone – Undergraduate, Grad Students, and International Students 

The web offers endless sites and databases showcasing scholarship opportunities that are free and searchable. Discover those resources for scholarships today.

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