Professor Wesley Kendall and NYS Park Police Captain Christina Hall

Criminal Justice Criminal Justice, Law, and Behavior Science Instructor Wesley Kendall, JD, Ph.D., and New York State Park Police Captain Christina Hall.

Russell Sage College graduate Christina Hall ‘93 is the first female captain in the history of the New York State Park Police. She’s currently assigned to the Division Headquarters, where one of her responsibilities is recruiting and instructing new recruit classes.  

That’s what brought her to Sage’s Albany campus in October, where she spoke with Criminal Justice, Law, and Behavioral Science students about careers with the Park Police. 

“I discussed the basics of our job, a typical day, some of the things you may come across in this type of career,” she said of her work, which involves interacting with people in sometimes-complicated situations, on their worst days and best days in the park system. 

“We have a broad range of locations and properties in the most beautiful places in New York,” she continued, and described how boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and drones are routinely used on the job, whether for search and rescues or overseeing large events at park concert venues. 

“I have seen so many things during my career but one of my favorite interactions was the biggest hug from a little girl who got separated from her family,” she said, ”and maybe meeting George Clooney, who was filming in one of our parks downstate.”

Hall earned a Psychology degree at Sage, and said that all of her classes gave her the background to work with people in a variety of circumstances, first in the social work field and then with the Park Police. 

“I took a chance,” she said of the Park Police opportunity that caught her eye in 2003 — but she’s never looked back.  

“Law enforcement is an ever-changing career. I think you need to be someone who is looking for a service-oriented career.  You can make an impact, even in the small things. If you like change, different things day to day, helping others — it’s a great job.”

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