Members of the Sage Community Can Borrow a CDPHP Cycle! Bike at no Charge

Members of the Russell Sage College community logged nearly 100,000 minutes on CDPHP Cycle! bikes last season. Sage cyclists took more than 2,500 rides through the bike-share program in 2020 and more than 1,000 of those rides were in September, alone. 

These impressive statistics were made possible in part through a partnership with the Capital District Transportation Authority. The partnership allows Sage employees and full-time students to ride CDPHP Cycle! bikes for free.

There is a CDPHP Cycle! bike-share location on Sage’s Troy campus and several others throughout Sage’s Troy and Albany neighborhoods. 

Sage students, faculty and staff can start borrowing CDPHP Cycle! bikes for free by visiting Scroll to the “CDPHP Cycle! Access” section and select “Unlock Your Access.” Select “Sage Colleges” and register with a email address. 

A credit card is required to sign up, but will not be charged for normal riding. 

“Sage is committed to encouraging personal and environmental wellness as part of the campus culture,” said Vice President for Student Life Trish Cellemme, referring to the Thrive @ Russell Sage program emphasizing well-being in all aspects of student life. “Our agreement with CDTA helps make recreation and green transportation accessible to the Sage community.” 

A Very Good Perk of Being a Sage Student

“The best thing about the bikes is how multi-purposeful they can be,” said Wylkins Occelin, a Health Sciences major in the Class of 2024. He uses the bikes to explore Troy with friends and run errands. 

“The bikes have allowed me to appreciate Troy better,” continued Occelin, a Brooklyn native. “I have been able to travel and see different scenery that you wouldn’t really be able to see while driving and still be able to get from point A to point B faster than an average person walking. The bikes have allowed me to make some unforgettable memories as well as stay active to relieve stress. This is a very good perk of being a Sage student.” 

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